Something to think about.


31 And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. Genesis 1:31 (ESV)

Sometimes you have to read between the lines. After God completes His creation, He stands backs takes it all in and declares “it was very good.” For most of us today we miss the full implication of what this means. We move immediately from one sentence to the next without really appreciating the first sentence. 

I make custom furniture for a living, and the businessman in me is continually thinking about how can I do this better how can I do it faster how can I make my business more efficient.  I’ve been making furniture for a long time so much of it is first nature to me, meaning I don’t have to spend to much time thinking about how, it is almost automatic.  I always inspect my work with a critical eye trying to find ways to improve the product. However, every once in a while I complete a piece I look at it and realize it is good. Not that the others aren’t but this piece turned out as perfect as I could get it and in those moments I want to celebrate that achievement.   

When I read “and behold, it was very good” in my mind’s eye I see a celebration of untethered proportions.  I mean all of creation is standing cheering marveling at the greatness of God. All of existence is in awe of what he has done. Everything that existed before creation is celebrating with and for God at this moment. This is a stop the press moment. This is the moment of the unveiling of a magnificent achievement, and all existence is in one accord celebrating with God His wondrous creation.   

When was the last time you stop became still and looked at what God has done in your life? Have you had that stop the press moment? When you stand still looked at your life and come to the realization it is very good? That moment in which you appreciate how God has changed your life and your life is good it is better than its ever been. The outlook is better today than it was yesterday and not because of the economy, health, job or love but because the God of the universe has become part of your life and in Him exists all that is good.  In him, you have known and will know joy unspeakable and full of glory. With Him comes the victory that cannot be obtained in any other way.  

Have you come to understand what I am writing with the complete knowledge that the world can’t comprehend what I am saying. Because they live in a defeated, hopeless, pointless world and the language that I speak can only be understood by those who know God. Yes, it is English but if you don’t know. Him you can’t know what is good.  They can’t know what you know because to know what you know you must have the spirit of God in you. There does not exist a translator for His Spirit. The spirit of God in you is what will bring you to the liberty of God where the goodness of God exists. 

If you have never had that moment, I implore you to stop look at your life, and you will marvel and celebrate and with unfettered restraint. You will thank God for all he has done in your life. In Psalms it says,

10 “Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 (ESV)

If you become still and realize He is God you will know He is very good.


About Ruben

I am the owner of a custom furniture shop in Orlando, Florida. I had a heart attack back in 2010. As a result of complications from the heart attack I almost died . The road to recovery took about eighteen months and even now I still have issues to deal with. As a result of almost dying many things have changed. Most notably my concept of time. By that I mean that I am acutely aware of my mortality, not morbidly but realistically. Before the heart attack I thought I would make it to 70's, 80'S or as my mother into 90's but now I realize everyday is a gift. I don't take it for granted. That is why I write I have something to say and I want to say it, before I can't say it anymore.
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