Clearly Seen

Something to think about.

Clearly Seen

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” Romans 1:20 NIV

The evidence of God exists in everything around us. From the air we breathe to the earth we walk on. The invisible qualities of God are on display. Yet, this evidence is interpreted differently by the created.

It is fascinating how two people can look at the same thing and see totally different things. One person looks at our design and sees majesty and wonder, and another sees chance and meaninglessness. One sees unquestionable intelligence and is amazed at the complexity of our existence. Others look at our complexity as evidence of chance. They see the complex intricacies of our existence and claim it to be impossible for something to have designed us.

Yet the word of God clams the proof of his existence is not absent from His creation but through his creation. It says if you look around you will find proof of his existence. The proof lives in and around us now not years or eons ago,  but now, here.

If you look at all that is required for us to exist it is mind-boggling to me that it can be credited to chance. If you take a look at the role of the Bee in our existence, it will make you wonder. For most of my life, I just thought of it as an insignificant bug. Yes, I had been taught when I was in grade school of the significant part it plays in pollination.  However, I never gave any thought as to the impact it has on our food supply. Now because of the loss of bees in the world, I have been made aware of there importance to our existence. A little Bee can have devastating effects on humanity.  Bees are necessary for the pollination of our food. If they cease to exist, we will be in very serious trouble as a species.  It makes you ponder what came first the Bee or the flower. This is but one example of things in life that will make you think.

Chance or evolution says they appeared when they were necessary because they were necessary. There was no intelligence associated with the appearance of the Bee. It just arrived because it was needed for the evolutionary process.  Ok, I will buy that explanation. Once maybe twice, but when you start thinking about it, every evolutionary step came about just because. Then when you begin to contemplate on our complexity, you really have to have blind faith to believe that at every turn of the evolutionary ladder the correct occurrence came into being because it had to.

It is far more plausible for me to believe in an entity of indescribable intelligence brought order and existence into being rather than believe we simply self-created out of nothing. In Genesis 1:1 It says, In the beginning God…….  Not chance, not billions of years it says “In the beginning God……”


About Ruben

I am the owner of a custom furniture shop in Orlando, Florida. I had a heart attack back in 2010. As a result of complications from the heart attack I almost died . The road to recovery took about eighteen months and even now I still have issues to deal with. As a result of almost dying many things have changed. Most notably my concept of time. By that I mean that I am acutely aware of my mortality, not morbidly but realistically. Before the heart attack I thought I would make it to 70's, 80'S or as my mother into 90's but now I realize everyday is a gift. I don't take it for granted. That is why I write I have something to say and I want to say it, before I can't say it anymore.
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